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The House of Blue Leaves

Come and support your fellow students and be entertained in the process!

The House of Blue Leaves
November 18 @ 7PM with reception following
November 19, 20 @ 8PM
November 21 @ 3PM
Mandell Theater, 33rd & Chestnut Streets
Tickets: $10 General Admission
$4 Drexel Students
$7 Drexel Faculty/Staff/Seniors/Students (from other schools)

Zoo attendant Artie Shaughnessy dreams of being a successful songwriter. What his mistress, Bunny Flingus, who lives downstairs from his Queens apartment won't tell him -- and what his insane wife, Bananas, tries to get through to him -- is that Artie's songs stink. On Oct. 4, 1965, the day Pope Paul visits New York City, Bunny convinces Artie to call his old school buddy Billy Einhorn, a famous film director from Los Angeles, to finagle a job writing music for Billy's movies. (After all, Bunny feels that with the Pope here, there must be "miracles in the air.") But before Artie can reach out to Billy, Artie's son, Ronnie, goes AWOL from Fort Dix, secretly preparing to blow up His Holiness at Yankee Stadium. Instead, when the bomb explodes prematurely, the victims include a deaf film starlet and two Sisters of Charity ... but no Pope.

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