Kevin (merlyn383) wrote in duplayers,

House of Blue Leaves Cast List

House of Blue Leaves
Cast in Order of Appearance

Artie Shaughnessy---------Jason Hinebaugh

Ronnie Shaughnessy------Gabe DiDomenico

Bunny Flingus--------------Kristin Spagnolo

Bananas Shaughnessy-----Karen Heery

Corrinna Stroller------------Olivia Johnson

Head Nun--------------------Mandy Weger

Second Nun-----------------Stephanie Lutz

Littlest Nun------------------Jean Parry

M.P.--------------------------Andrew Stone

Billy Einhorn---------------Mark Dobbins

Please signify your acceptance of the role by initialing next to your name on any of the posted lists (paper versions).
The read thru is tonight at 6pm in the theatre.

Thanks to everyone who auditioned, thank you for sharing your talents. I hope all of you will choose to get involved with Drexel Players in some way. There are many production slots open and the auditions for the Winter term Studio production will be on October 18th.

Thanks again for your time and talent over the last two days.

(and Kevin)
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